The Rumble of Jets, Sharks, and the Minnesota Orchestra


Kyle has recently started using Amazon Local and Groupon to find some exciting things to do around the Twin Cities. His most recent discovery has been my favorite; half price tickets to see the Minnesota Orchestra. Though we had a variety of shows to choose from, we decided to get tickets to see the orchestra play the whole musical score for the film of West Side Story. And while the orchestra played, we got watch the film projected on a big screen above the stage.

I hadn’t ever seen the entire movie, even though I know many of the songs and have learned sections of choreography, so I was especially excited to watch it in such a fun environment. It turned out to be an amazing musical experience. We loved watching the conductor dancing around as she led the musicians through the score of the entire film. The orchestra was incredible, I loved the movie, and was mesmerized by the brilliant choreography of Jerome Robbins.

The only thing that would have made the experience better would have been silencing the woman a few seats away from me, who felt the need to sing the entire show under her breath. But, then again, it made it a more entertaining experience. As did coming out of Orchestra Hall to -25 degree wind gusts as we raced to the car. Oh, Minnesota…



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