Spring Break Staycation: Lazy Sunday


The benefit of being a teacher is that I get a spring break. The unfortunate part of having a husband who has a conventional business man job is that he doesn’t get a spring break. What does that lead us to? A spring break staycation! However, we were not that disappointed at that notion. We have only lived in Minnesota for a year and a half now, and during that time, we haven’t been able to explore as much as we would like. We saw this as an opportunity to do just that.

Now, I wasn’t teaching my usual hours, but I still had a plethora of administrative duties, thus I ended up working a good chunk of the week. So in reality, it wasn’t a true break. But it wasn’t spring either. It snowed twice during that week, accumulating almost 10 inches. Oh well! At least it was still a staycation.

And it all started with a lazy Sunday. We don’t have church until 3:00, and luckily that week neither of us had any pressing church duties that we needed to take care of. We slept in, I read a book, made and ate a gourmet breakfast, we planned an upcoming trip, and we enjoyed this all while in the comfort of our pj’s. If that isn’t a good start to our “spring break” staycation, I don’t know what is.





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