Spring Break Staycation: April Fools’ Day


In the past, I haven’t been very nice to Kyle on April Fools’ Day. On our first April Fools’ Day, just a couple of months after we started dating, I disguised a sponge as a brownie and had to hold off my laughter as Kyle tried over and over to cut it. In following years, I’ve colored sparkling water with soy sauce to look like root beer, put gummy worms in apples, put rubber bands on the faucet to spray when turned on, covered the toilet in cardboard, and turned all computer functions, email, and Facebook to French (which took quite a while to undo).

This year, since I’ve seen how stressed Kyle is at work, I decided it was time for some gueten pranks (good pranks according to Dwight and Jim). That involved getting up early to make Kyle breakfast, packing  him a lunch, and then hiding a few treats in his work bag. I did decide to do a funny prank by switching bread for pound cake and cheese for orange frosting, to make some delicious looking “grilled cheese” sandwiches. They actually turned out really delicious. But… that niceness didn’t last long, especially when I noticed he had turned my computer screen upside down. The longer I was at home, the more ideas I got of how to prank Kyle. Most ideas were pocketed for another year, but one in particular was too perfect to pass up.

Many of you know that we have had major problems with our cars this year. It seems like they are playing a game as to which can break or get in an accident more often. One problem in particular, is my car’s insanely efficient ability to empty the battery. Because of this, we have learned how to unhook the battery from the car, in order to save it from draining too often. Luckily, Kyle’s car hasn’t had such problems with the battery. Until April Fools’ Day, that is.

While Kyle was at work (he takes a shuttle), I was able to get to his battery and unhook it, rendering the car useless. Later that night, after Kyle thought he had already been “gueten pranked” by the sandwiches, we had to run to the store to pick something up. I stood there trying to look dumbfounded as Kyle tried repeatedly to get his button to unlock the car. Finally, after using the key to unlock the door, and placing his key in the ignition, he realized his battery was “dead”.

At this point I began to feel really bad about my prank. Kyle was noticeably upset, and for good reason. Car repairs are not cheap. So, I decided not to push him any further, pulled a pair of pliers and a wrench out of my purse and went out to fix the battery. The rest of the night he kept shaking his head at me, with a look of vexation and ever so slight amusement in his eyes. Sorry hon! You knew what you were getting into when you married me.



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