Spring Break Staycation: Walker Arts Center


We have attempted to make it to the Walker Arts Center multiple times, however, none of them have worked out. So when the opportunity finally arose, we took full advantage of it. It also happened to be the free Thursday night provided by Target. We were determined to go despite the rapidly increasing snowdrifts and so we finally made the trip to the WAC happen. There were lots of other art lovers there who had the same idea, so we meandered between them, and the art. Our favorite was the sculptural pieces from Jim Hodges. I personally loved the intricate details of his work that brought so much visual variety and complexity.

When we started getting hungry, we stopped into the museum restaurant, Gather. Though there was a slight mix up with our reservation time, we thoroughly enjoyed our food. It was also one of Gather’s special nights where sample dishes were served through your usual meal. In addition to our, main course, we enjoyed smoked tuna covered in a small blood orange slaw salad, the most amazing caramelized pork with spiced mashed potatoes, and to top it all off, bananas foster a la creme. It was all incredibly delicious, leaving us floating up to food heaven! Oh, how I love fine dining.




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