Double Overtime

Near the end of April, despite the Minnesota sky dumping a large amount of wet and thick snow, we were determined to make it down town. It was the last night of the Timberwolves’ season we were finally able to go to a game together. Lucky for me, this game happened to be against the Utah Jazz. It also happened to be fan appreciation night, which means that all the prizes they didn’t get rid of during the season were given away then. Inspired by the Christmas like snow, Santa even made an appearance to hand out gifts. Kyle was able to snag a parachute with some cash connected. And, we were able to see Kevin Love make NBA history, finishing off the season with 2000 points, 900 rebounds, and 100 three pointers. But all of that was secondary to me celebrating that the Jazz were able to pull off a win in double overtime. I think it was just me and the couple two rows ahead of us that were celebrating… at least I wasn’t alone this time.



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