Day 1: The Windy City

Around 6:30am, a couple Fridays ago, we were loading into our friends car, and on the way to the airport. After quickly making it through security with an overly enthusiastic TSA agent, loading on the plane, and taking off for a one hour flight, we arrived in The Windy City. We didn’t waste any of our precious time once there; hoping quickly onto the orange line train, we were on our way into the heart of downtown Chicago.


We were able to find an amazing deal for our downtown hotel, Hotel Chicago, through Travelocity. It was just a block from the train stop and within walking distance of most of our planned destinations. Not to mention, it was much nicer than the usual budget hotels we stay in. As luck would have it, our room was ready, even though it was only 10:30am, so we were able to drop off our bags, load our day packs, and head off to get an early lunch.

What we didn’t realize until we got there, is our restaurant destination was actually the same one we had eaten at exactly Day 4: Leaving The Ohio. We had a good laugh after comparing a picture to where we were, and then say down for a meal of bruschetta and deep dish pizza.


Our next destination was the Field Museum. Of course, it isn’t a trip with the Frederiksen’s unless we get lost one time. We decided to get that one out of the way as we turned right instead of left after getting off the train and ended up walking a mile out of the way. Eventually we ended up in the right place and thoroughly enjoyed the museum.

There was so much to see, so we weren’t able to make it to all exhibits, but we did particularly enjoy the ones on dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, and the 3-D movie. (On a side note, Kyle and I decided to get the City Pass, which gives you access to five different museums or locations at a discounted price. After not having to stand in enormous lines, and getting access to extra events and exhibits, we deemed it well worth it.)

After the museum closed, we walked back to the train station (not getting lost this time), and after making a stop at a grocery store to get some fruit and water, we were on our way to U.S. Cellular Field to watch the White Sox to play the Yankees. Not only did we enjoy the game, and people watching, but the extreme loaded baked potato wasn’t bad either.




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