Day 2: Walking Everywhere

After a good nights sleep, we were up early the next morning to make our way down to the Museum of Science and Industry. Since it was quite a ways a away, we wanted to take a bus down. Unfortunately, as the Memorial Day weekend parade was being prepped, all the buses were off schedule. So, we took a taxi instead. We ended up being perfectly happy with that decision, as we got to spend more of our day at the Museum.

This was probably our favorite stop while in Chicago.  The museum had so many different things to see, and we raced to make it to each of them. My personal favorite was being able to see the anatomy portion, containing many different views of the anatomy of the body. Kyle loved seeing the actual Apollo 14 lunar module and other space objects that are housed at the museum. There was also the D-Day: Normandy 1944 film (which we loved), and a flight simulator (which we didn’t love) that were included in our City Pass Ticket.

We did decide to purchase a tour through a German U-505 Submarine, in addition to the usual museum exhibits. The information and stories we heard were interesting, and we enjoyed the tour, but it was a little short. However, it was fascinating to be able to walk through an actual submarine while hearing about its capture.

When the museum had closed, we marched our way to the bus stop to make our way through town to the Sears Tower, now named the Willis Tower. Once again that City Pass came in handy as we marched passed a three hour long line, and onto an elevator to take us to the top. It was overly crowded, and we had to wiggle our way in between crowds of people wanting to stand out on the ledge, but finally we made it, and were met with a beautiful sunset in the distance. It was unnerving to be standing so far up in the air but we didn’t have much time to think about it before having to let the next tourist onto the platform (also, just days after we were here, the glass cracked while someone was in it… scary!).


No trip to Chicago would be complete without a stop at the Magnolia Bakery. Or at least that is what I had been told by friends. As we walked back from the tower, we stopped in for the most delicious banana pudding I have ever had. Even thinking about it now is making my mouth water. Oh, banana pudding, why must you be so far away?

It had been a long day of walking… like 11 miles worth of walking. But it was well worth it. It had been a beautiful day, the museum was fascinating, the views breathtaking, and the desserts delectable. In our book, that made for a pretty memorable day, despite the exhaustion. The only thing that could top the day is knowing we had two more days to go!


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