Day 3: A Beautiful World

When our third day in Chicago rolled around, we decided to spend our day at the Shedd Aquarium. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was the busiest day of the year at the aquarium, and the line to get in was three hours long. We decided to try again the next day, and turned around to walk up through Grant Park. Along the way, we were greeted by Buckingham Fountain, and some sort of festival for Memorial Day. Because the weather was so fantastic, we stopped for a picnic lunch of leftover deep dish pizza and fruit.

Because our original plan didn’t work out, we decided to go to the Art Institute of Chicago, which happens to be located just adjacent to the park. The museum was probably one of my favorites to visit (and I’ve been to a lot of art museums). There was so much packed into one place! Anything from Ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian to Modern and Abstract pieces. Our favorites had to be the Impressionist collection. We stayed in that exhibit for over an hour, especially enjoying the Monet pieces. We could have stayed for much longer, but the museum had to close for a wedding, so we headed back into the outdoors.

By that time, our art exploration had made us hungry so we ate “dinner” and then wandered around Millennium Park. We had chosen a beautiful time to come to Chicago. The flowers were stunning! Of course we also had to visit the different sculptures placed around the park, and take pictures of the “Bean”, aka Cloud Gate.

Since the night was turning out to be the most beautiful we had there, we decided to keep up our walking tour. We walked another mile or so to get to Navy Pier, wandered around there for a bit, and then went on our way (honestly, it is just a tourist trap… not really worth our time). On our way back to the hotel, we stopped in our tracks when we saw Tribute Tower. The architecture was stunning, and intriguing. There were rocks inserted to the outside of the building from important places all over the world. I wish I would have taken a picture of them.

As we finished walking back to the hotel, we both started feeling the exhaustion that was settling in. In the last three days we had walked around 30 miles through the streets and museums of Chicago. Our feet were tired; as were our eyes. But, what a beautiful day it had been! As we fell asleep that night, we couldn’t help but smile and be grateful for the stunning things we had seen and enjoyed that day.




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