In Town

A week after getting back from Chicago, we had two important events going on. The first was having my close friend Eryn come and visit us. The second was the end of year performance for the school I teach at. Since the two coincided, Eryn was a trooper as she sat through many hours of my dancing students. It was wonderful to have her and Kyle in the audience as I did choreograph 14 different pieces for the shows, and took home the best choreography award. The next day, I also had some of my dancers perform at their church during a service to choreography I had set on them. All my dancers did lovely. I am so proud of all they have accomplished this year.

Once we had time away from the dance scene, we got to show off Minnesota to Eryn. Eryn and I made a visit to the Mall of America to enjoy a plethora of shopping and eating options. Of course we had to take her to the Spoon Bridge and Cherry at the Walker Arts Center Sculpture Garden. While there, ran into a zone of LDS missionaries. We had a good laugh as they thought we weren’t members at first. Then, when they found out we were, we ended up taking pictures for them at the Spoon Bridge and Cherry.


This week was dedicated to all things fun! Luck was on our side as Minnesota showed off it’s picture perfect weather. We enjoyed walking through the shops in Excelsior and stopping into the Sebastian Joe’s Trolley for some Nicolett Avenue Pothole ice cream. We sat on the docks of Lake Minnetonka to soak up some sun. And, Kyle joined us for a walk around Lake Calhoun and the Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis.

When the weather wasn’t so agreeable, Eryn and I had a Harry Potter marathon and I am both proud and ashamed to say that we made it through all of the movies. We also took some time to explore downtown Minneapolis. I took Eryn to the Mill City Museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and the downtown Farmers Market. Kyle joined us for lunch at The Local for some Irish pubbing, and Matt’s Bar for a Juicy Lucy. And, then to finish it all off, we spent Eryn’s last evening at Canterbury park for some horse racing.


I had such a great time with Eryn, and it was so nice to be able to show of the exciting place that we live. And occasionally get mistaken as sisters. It was also so nice to just be able to sit and talk about anything. We hadn’t spent much time together since we moved, so it was a wonderful opportunity for me to have some quality time with a great friend. Come again, Eryn!



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