WWII at Fort Snelling

Now that summer had officially begun, both from the sudden change to warmer weather and me being done with regular school year classes, we decided to take our Saturday to explore Fort Snelling. Located on the junction of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, Fort Snelling is a historical site started way back in the 1820’s. It has been used through many different war times as a fort, a base, and a training center. The Saturday we went, it was specifically celebrating its role in World War II. This day brought WWII enthusiasts from all over to show off their collections, share their knowledge, and spend the day in proper army attire for the time.


Our visit started out with a ride from the visitors center to the fort in an old army jeep that was actually used in the war. That started off the day on a high note. We then wandered around the fort talking to the people dressed in their 1940’s and 50’s garb. There was a pickup game of baseball, live reenactments of storming a fort, plenty of exhibits on weaponry and other items used during the war, and of course the usual exhibits on the history of Fort Snelling. There was even a live army band there performing classic music from the time period, and some dancers swinging along.

Both Kyle and I are fascinated by WWII, so we were particularly loving this visit to Fort Snelling. Though, I am sure that anytime is a great time to visit as their permanent exhibitions are also very interesting. As silly as it may seem, we were on such a WWII kick, that later that day we rented the film Monuments Men, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Though I am thankful that I didn’t live during that time in history, there is something so thrilling about being able to look back and experience a bit of what has happened in the past. And while the sights at Fort Snelling were intriguing, and the music and dancing exciting, we both left with a better appreciation of what was sacrificed during that dreadful war, and a grateful heart for those who sacrificed their lives to liberate those in need and the freedoms we enjoy.




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