LDS Girls Camp


As a member of the LDS Church, we are asked to give our time in a calling that helps support the church. I was lucky enough to get called into work with the Young Women (girls ages 12 – 18) of our ward. Though there are many perks into working with them, I have to say, going to Girls Camp with them was a highlight of my summer.

This year’s camp was out in Sibley State Park, about two hours north east of where we live. Since we had a large group of girls, we took over the group cabin site, tucked away in the park. Through the week, we enjoyed spiritual devotionals, walks and runs to the lake, an amazing morning fitness class, craft time, fireside games, and some great food. Of course, I couldn’t be there without causing a little mischief… I may or may not have toilet papered one cabin while the girls were out taking classes.

Overall, it was a perfect opportunity for me to get to know the Young Women of my ward, as well as the leaders. Even though we were tired each night, we leaders still ended up talking later than the girls. I feel that through that week, I was able to develop a great relationship with those girls that wasn’t there before and create some wonderful friendships.



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