Grand Family Gathering

The first week of July we were able to fly out to Boise to visit the Frederiksen clan. Almost everyone was out there visiting, except for Tanner, who is still on his mission. With all ten of our nephews and nieces there, it got to be quite an exciting visit filled with laughs and playing around. We played around and in the house, went swimming, ate lots of ice cream and snow cones, and of course, enjoyed cuddling with the new babies. We were lucky enough to be around when Nate and Julie blessed their new addition Henry Dellas. I loved having a girls night with my in-laws, and Kyle had a great time playing volleyball and having a home run derby with the guys. Our cute nieces, Ella and Olive, opened a “spa” in the front living room, where we could get massages at the competitive price of $1 for 20 minutes. They were actually pretty good back massages. Overall, we mostly enjoyed the daily conversations, games, and getting to spend time together as a family (especially this was my first time meeting my brother-in-law, Andrew, in person).

Kyle and I were also able to squeeze in some friend time. Our great friends Troy and Jocelyn were living in Boise at the time, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go on a double date with them. After dinner at Cafe Rio, we made our way over to Dave n’ Busters for some good arcade fun. When we were done there, the night was still young. We stopped on in to a grocery store to pick up some snacks, and then went back to their home for late night games. We stayed up almost the whole night with them, but as we only see them once a year, it was totally worth it. Right before we flew home, we also stopped into the local Kneaders to visit my friend, Amberly, and her husband who own and run the eatery. Though we only had a few minutes to talk and catch up, it was so nice to be able to see a college friend again.

During this trip, Kyle and I both worked during the morning but were able to enjoy our grand family (and friend) gathering. We are so grateful that we have jobs that allow us to spend quality time with our families that are so far away. It is such a blessing! As are the members of our family that we were able to spend time with that week. We are anxiously awaiting the time when we will all be together again.


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