The Fourth

Kyle and I were still in Boise for the Fourth of July, so we got to celebrate with our family! To start off the day, we had brunch over at Spencer and Andi’s house, followed by her neighborhood bike parade. The parade was led by a city fire engine which was tailed by over a hundred little kids on scooters and bikes all decked out in red, white, and blue. At the end of the parade, the fire engine hooked up to a hydrant and then sprayed all the little kids who were warm from their biking.

The waterworks continued as the Frederiksen clan has a traditional water fight each year. This fight goes way back, and is looked forward to by most of the grand kids (and Kyle). What’s not to love about being able to shoot your uncle or grandpa with a squirt gun, and have it all be good fun? As you can tell by the looks on their faces, they had a great time!

More traditions followed the water fight; BBQ in the back yard, homemade vanilla ice cream with a plethora of toppings, and then playing with sparklers, pops, and lighting fireworks. After we had used up all of our store bought fireworks, we put half of the kids to bed, and then took off with some of the older ones to watch a firework show at the local baseball field.

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I think that love increases every year. I love seeing the patriotism, taking time to be grateful for the country in which we live, and I thoroughly enjoy all the other festivities that come with it. We are so lucky to be living in the USA.


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