Quarter of a Century


Last month, I celebrated a quarter of a century of being alive. It was one of those birthdays that brought on a lot of introspection, mostly centered around being an adult and where I thought I would be with my life. What I discovered, is that my life may not have turned out the way I had planned, but I am incredibly blessed and happy with the way it is.

I never thought I would be living in Minnesota, but I have developed so many great friendships here and have embraced the cold weather. I thought I would be teaching high school for a living, instead, I am the school principal and head teacher for a dance conservatory with an amazing bunch of students. I imagined being a mom by now, but the relationship and adventures I have with Kyle are well worth not being able to have kids yet.

All that being said, July 10th was spent in a different way that in years past. Kyle got me my guilty pleasure breakfast (a cinnamon sugar bagel and hot apple cider) and served it in bed with a pile of presents and a shower of love notes. From there it was just teaching (with practically perfect behavior from my students since they knew what day it was), holding conferences with concerned parents, and cleaning my house. A surprise bouquet of flowers, dinner at Macaroni Grill, talking to my family on the phone, and a movie at home finished off the night.

This birthday, low key as it was, was a great tribute to what kind of life I have developed. One filled with work, play, and good food. Family, students, and my favorite person and husband. It may not be amazing by the worlds standards, but it is mine. I have been incredibly blessed and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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