Running Lake Calhoun

One cool Saturday, Kyle and I decided to go on a run around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Though getting exercise was one of the motivators to being there, another was Target’s marketing ploy in getting new customers. Target had set up a tent near the running path on Lake Calhoun and was giving away free exercise tops to anyone who came to visit. Kyle had heard about this through work and since both of us like getting free things, we couldn’t help ourselves.

We arrived there, got our free shirts, and some other goodies that Target supplied, and then took off on our run. Halfway around the lake, we ran into an Under Armour truck giving away free hats. In order to get one we had to pose for a picture and then post it on Twitter. We took off running again, this time through a light rain, until we reached the Target tent again. On our way home we couldn’t help but laugh at all the things we had collected when running Lake Calhoun. And with nice and cool running weather, it had been the perfect time for a little morning exercise.



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