MLB All Star Game Fun

 Living near the city where the Major League Baseball All Star Game is held has it’s perks. As a part of the game hype, the organizers brought in some great events for fans and city goers alike. To start it all off, there was an Imagine Dragons concert at Gopher Stadium. Somehow we wrangled up tickets with a few other couples and enjoyed some great music. And, it was followed by a spectacular fireworks show. Later, when Kyle and I had the chance to take some time away from work, we visited the Fan Fest that was in the Minneapolis Convention Center. Kyle, a huge sports enthusiast, loved being able to look at all the memorabilia and exciting displays for the all star game. When the game finally rolled around, we hosted our friends at our apartment clubhouse with barbecue and summertime munchies.  I may not be a huge sports fan, like my husband, but I sure had fun with all the excitement that was in Minneapolis during the weeks around the game. Who knows, maybe I will get more into baseball someday.



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