Wedded Bliss

It is not often that my whole family is able together, as we are living in three different states, but this year we had the chance to meet up for a very special occasion, my younger brother getting married. I flew into town a couple days before to help with last minute wedding preparations. However, Kyle needed to stay a bit longer for work, so he was set to fly in the night before. Unfortunately, this plan did not go as well as anticipated, as Kyle’s planes were delayed, due to weather, to the point where we were unsure if he would arrive in time for the wedding. Thankfully, after he rushed to the airport and some sweet talking with the airline personel, he was able to get on an earlier flight and make it with time to spare.

The next morning, the whole Todd household was up and at it as soon as it was light; doing hair, fixing dresses and hemming pants, and any other last minute things that needed to be done. Our morning was frenzied, but as we stepped into the Salt Lake Temple, all of the extra stress and to do’s seemed to melt away. Instead, we were able to gather with our family members, and celebrate the sealing of Andrew and Jemimah. Since this is just the second sealing I’ve been to since my own, I loved being reminded of how special and wonderful it is to have been married in the temple. Not just for time, but for all eternity.

Soon after the sealing, and taking pictures around the temple, all family members and close friends met for a luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Of course the atmosphere was enchanting, and the food delicious, but once again, it was a lovely time to be together as a family. Camren, my youngest brother, even let Jemimah hug him. Which is saying something because he wouldn’t even let me do that on my wedding day.


That evening, we headed to a reception at a house down in Provo. I don’t know how Andrew and Jem got so lucky, but the weather was perfect; not a cloud in the sky, and the ideal temperature for sitting out on a lawn or dancing on a patio. Jem’s amazingly musical family provided the entertainment, Jem’s mom made the cake(s) and the food was perfectly plentiful. Of course, as Andrew’s oldest sister, I took upon myself the duty of decorating Andrew’s car. A couple hundred post-its later, some empty soda bottles, and lots of window markers later, and Andrew and Jem were ready to go on their honeymoon.

A week later my family was scheduled to host an open house in my parent’s beautiful backyard. The whole week prior to the open house, my parents and I were frantically searching weather reports, hoping that the impending rain predicted for that night was not actually going to happen. But, when the day before the open house we discovered that not only was it going to be rain, but a full fledged downpour of a storm, we had to change plans.

We cleared out some furniture from the basement, re-decorated it with the wedding colors, and set up the frozen yogurt buffet down there. Then, my parents rented two big tents to place in the yard and extending out from the deck and walk out basement as to extend the party area. We decided that we should also help our guests get up the long driveway without getting wet, so we placed another tent down at the bottom with a bucket of umbrellas. As an aside, Kyle, myself, and my dad, were all almost hit by lightning as we were setting this up. One moment we were carrying the things down the driveway, the next moment we simultaneously see a flash of light and hear a deafening clap the thunder. Thankfully the lightning and thunder were kept to a minimum after that point in the night.

With help from our extended family we were able to pull the night off as a success. However, when all is said and done, I don’t think the happy couple even noticed that the rain was coming down in sheets, and the usual pleasant warm of an August night had turned to a fall chill. I guess that’s what you can call wedded bliss.



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