Weekend Road Trip: A Wild Weekend


I’ve posted many a time about the girls weekends of years past, but this year was probably my favorite of all the years I’ve gone. I can’t exactly describe what was different about this year, I think we have just worked out all the kinks, and we know how to have fun. Even if we only had one day where it didn’t downpour with thunder and lightening, and even if we did have a bear sneak into our garage in the middle of the night, we still had a blast. I also think that allowed us to get a little “wild” this year.

Since the weather report only allowed us one sunny day, we took full advantage of it by taking a hike along the Snake River, playing a hilarious game of Bocce Ball, and floating the river by Big Springs (and getting fried in the process), then topping off the day with a bonfire and roasting mallows. Of course when we got rained in there was still lots of fun, good food (including our traditional fondue night), a bridal shower for Kaitlin, sharing favorite things, crying through movies, and doing our own exercise class. And, then there was that one time we embraced the rain and went and jumped in puddles. In between rainstorms, we stopped by the antique fair down the street and taking walks around the Island Park Village. Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about how much fun we packed in.

The Saturday afternoon, before seeing our traditional play at West Yellowstone’s Playmill Theater, we decided to try something new. Each of the three owners of the cabin have taken a Wild West picture to hang on the wall. We decided that since we are now going on our 6th year of girls weekend, its about time we took a picture like that. It may have taken some convincing for some of the girls, but the results were well worth it. I still laugh when I look at this picture. Oh, girls, what a wonderful and wild weekend we had.

img_4172 copy



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