For the Love of the Game

As most of our good friends know, Kyle is a big fan of Boise State football. Scratch that. What I should have said is my husband has an immense and enthusiastic love of his home town team that rivals the fandom of most other Boise State followers. I may have over-exaggerated a bit, but you get the point.

When the Boise State schedule was announced with a game taking place at Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Kyle almost immediately wanted to get some friends together to meet in Colorado. A group was arranged, tickets bought, and plans made. Unfortunately, at the last minute one friend couldn’t make it, but that left Kyle and his high school friend, and past player for the Boise State football team, Mike Ames, to enjoy the game.

Since Kyle flew in a day before the game, he had the time to visit and hike through the Garden of the Gods during the game day morning. There was also a stop at Crave Real Burgers where he and Ames chowed down on burgers with a grilled cheese sandwich bun. Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen. Of course, the game at Falcon Stadium was exciting to watch, even if Boise lost. And Kyle got an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable mancation.



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