This year, Kyle and I decided that we were not going to spend our Thanksgiving like we have in the past couple years. We had a great time feasting with friends, but it just wasn’t the same as the feeling you get when surrounded by family. We decided to travel instead (posts coming soon). About a month before Thanksgiving, we decided that we actually were going to miss the holiday and decided to join in the “friends”giving trend we had been hearing about.

It turns out several of our friends were also going to be out of town during the Thanksgiving break, having the same idea as us to take advantage of the time off work, and not having family close by. We set a date to get together and made food assignments. As the hostess, I was to tackle the turkey and a couple other sides. Having never cooked a turkey on my own, I was a little anxious. But, I did my homework, and it ended up tasting delicious!

But the day was not without it’s trouble. It just so happened that Kyle was invited to play a pick up game of flag football, which he deemed his annual “turkeybowl”.  About an hour after the game had started, Kyle walks through the door of our apartment with one of our friends. Apparently the game of flag football had taken a rough turn. While trying to spin move around an opposing player, Kyle had gotten smacked in the face and then tackled to the ground. When his head hit the ground it had knocked him out, and consequently gave him a pretty nasty concussion.

Kyle still can’t remember much of the following couple of hours. He remembers sitting on the side lines, feeling like he was going to throw up, then a slight memory of being driven home, and only a vague remembrance of talking to me during the next hour. He spent most of the day sitting on the couch with a headache, just trying to not think, like we had been instructed to do by our doctor (not to mention waking Kyle up every two hours that night). At this point, I have to share that we had a tender mercy that day. I was supposed to be taking a dance class during the time when Kyle was brought home, but felt strongly before I left that I needed to stay at our apartment. Even though I’m sure he would have been ok, I’m grateful that I could be home to take care of Kyle and get him the care he needed after his concussion.

Our day of Thanksgiving may not have gone exactly as expected, but it was a day that made me so grateful for what I had. Our wonderful friends made our little apartment light up with good laughs and smiles. Delicious food, that we have never been wanting, was in abundance. Our upcoming trip was starting to become more and more of a reality. And, knowing that Kyle and I finally had a secret surprise on the way made the day all the better. We are truly so blessed!



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