BABY It’s Cold Outside!


As many of you know, Kyle and I have been trying to start our family for a couple years now. During those two years, we were obviously unsuccessful, and it was beginning to get frustrating. Those feelings were only amplified by a doctor trying to convince me that I was too young to be starting a family and refused to look into why we weren’t able to conceive for another year or so. I remember crying in the car after that appointment and calling my mom for consolation over and over again during the following six months.

When October rolled around, we decided that we were going to research infertility treatments and even started to consider adoption. The plan was to continue to try to have our own baby, but we wanted to be prepared if we needed to use other methods to start our family. Though we had always been praying for it, our prayers also started to become more earnest as we asked our Heavenly Father to help us to be able to have a family. Little did we know those prayers were already being answered.

Near the end of October, as I was preparing one of my favorite meals, pasta with pesto, I noticed how nauseated I was getting from the smell of the pesto. I just thought it was an especially pungent batch, so I didn’€™t think anything of it. But as soon as I started to eat my lunch, I knew something was different. I couldn’t even take more than a couple bites before I wanted to run to the toilet to empty my stomach.

I happened to have a pregnancy test stored away, so I whipped it out of the bathroom cupboard, debating whether to use it or not. I have spent too much money on tests that only break my heart, and I wasn’€™t ready for another test like that. After a twenty minute debate with myself, I finally decided that I should take it.

The lines started appearing as soon as I had set it on the counter for the three minute waiting time. As a faint blue plus sign began to show itself, I had to leave the room. All I could do was pace around our kitchen, watching my clock for the three, lengthy, nerve-wracking minutes to pass. When they were finally over, I rushed back to the test, to find that blue plus sign telling me that all our patience, heart ache, and prayers for a family had been worth it. I was pregnant!

Immediately I was in tears. Happy tears. Just when I had least expected good news, I had received the most beautiful gift I could imagine. I wanted to shout it to the world, or at least get Kyle on the phone to tell him. However, I decided that I wanted to see his face when he found out what was in our future. So, I put together a little present for him to open when we were both home from work later that night; a pair of baby shoes, my pregnancy test, and a card.

When I gave Kyle the gift, I merely said it was for him because he had a tough week at work. When he pulled out the baby shoes, he shot me a quick confused look, then proceeded to unwrap the other objects. As soon as he saw the test and card he started saying, “Are you serious?” and “Are you really?” Then a smile broke over his face that perfectly expressed all the relief, anticipation, excitement, and love that a new dad could have running through his head.

A few weeks later, mid November and the day before leaving on our trip, I had my first ultrasound, where we were elated to learn that Baby Frederiksen was developing well and healthily. We also learned that I am due July 2015, just before my birthday. At this point, we decided that we were close enough to Christmas that we should wait to announce it to family then. Of course, we did tell a select number of people at work to prepare for the coming year and needing to take time off. Other than that, we kept the secret till after telling our families.

To let everyone know our special news, we posted the top picture on Instagram and Facebook, with the caption “BABY it’s cold outside! July 2015”. Though it took a couple comments and likes before people realized it was a pregnancy announcement. Once that was figured out, the response we got from friends was overwhelming. We feel like we already have a support system in place for when Baby Frederiksen arrives, and we feel so blessed!

We will be sure to keep you posted as things progress.


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