Day 6: A Gloomy Day Along the Lake

Kyle woke up feeling  sick (which seems to be our luck on most of our travels), so we ended up taking a little more time to relax and slept in. The mist and rain outside made it even more appealing to have a morning indoors. Also, after spending most of our days running to and from different locations, it was nice to have a morning to recuperate. Before I tell about the day’s adventures, I have to mention how much we loved breakfast at Hotel Rossli. As soon as we walked in, a pitcher of steaming milky and rich hot chocolate was sitting in front of us (the usual beverage is coffee, which we don’t drink and they were happy to get us something else). This was soon followed by a breakfast of boiled eggs, local mountain cheese (similar to Parmesan), sliced meats, all piled on top of delicious breads. We also loved the yogurt and muesli with cut up fresh fruit. Someday when we open our real Frederiksen Bed and Breakfast, I’m sure we will have an breakfast ode to the things we loved in Europe.

After checking out of our hotel, and stowing our bags in their storage room, we set out to walk around Interlaken and Unterseen. We had found an app to use that would give us an audio tour around the cities, however, we must have downloaded the German version. Thankfully, there were plenty of signs posted around the city that allowed us to get a good glimpse into the different highlights.

Our next move was to take a train along the South of Lake Thun, to Spitz. There was another castle that we had read about and wanted to see. It was closed for the season, but we were able to walk around it and admire it from the grounds. I imagine that it would be a even more beautiful view once the vegetation grew in and the fog moved away. I heard that there is also a boat tour that goes near the edge of the lake to show off the castle. It seems like that would be an exciting thing to do, for sure.

At that point we decided that we were going to go on a quest. We had received an address for my great great grandma’s house which she lived in before moving to the United States, and we were hoping to find it before leaving the area. According to my phone, it was within a twenty minute train ride from Spitz, on the outskirts of Thun. We arrived in Thun, ready to go find it, but ended up going on a wild goose chase. The directions were faulty, leading us down a beautiful, but ultimately wrong route. In the end, we discovered that the directions from my phone were completely wrong, and we wouldn’t be able to make it to the house that night. On the other hand, we did end up finding another castle, and enjoyed the tight winding and classically medieval architecture of Thun.

We couldn’t stay long, as we had to get on the last train of the night that would take us to our final Swiss destination, Zurich. To be adventurous, we did try to take another, more scenic route home on the north end of the lake via a bus. It ended up being much more of an adventure than we bargained for as the constant jostle back and forth, pulling over, and bumps on the road took their toll on my poor pregnant belly. I don’t need to finish the story to let you imagine what happened.

After a short recuperation at our hotel, where we were kindly allowed to sit as we gathered our bags, we had to rush to the train station.  Thankfully, from here on out the night was uneventful. We got on the train to Zurich, found our connecting bus, and finally made it to our hotel. It was a bit of a rough day for both of us, so we were more than pleased with a hot shower and a comfortable bed.



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