Day 10: Life is Unexpected

In the morning,  Rachel and I walked through the streets of Sant Cougat to the local bakery. We selected a sampling of croissants with chocolate, white chocolate, and creme and creme filled doughnuts then brought our breakfast feast back to the Wright’s apartment to share with the others. While we munched on the most delicious pastries, we talked through what we wanted to do that day. The plans for our last full day in Spain was set to be full of adventure. Little did we know, we were going to get a different sort of adventure.

After getting the whole crew ready, we walked through town to catch a train into Barcelona. Our first stop was the Christmas Market set up right in front of Cathedral de Barcelona. Many of the booths contained figurines to be placed into a Nativity. There were the usual characters, baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but there also could be other towns people, angels, and a slew of animals. The possibilities of setting up your Nativity and surrounding town were endless.

Above all, my favorite item at the market had to be the Caga Tio (translated to pooping log). This is a small log propped up by two wooden legs, with a darling face painted on. On Christmas Eve, its tradition to sing special songs and hit the log with sticks to help the log with digestion so it will poop out sweets, nuts, and dried fruits.  We had to bring one home to remember our time in Spain.

As we walked through the market, I was looking at things in a booth with Ellie and Kyle, when all of a sudden Ellie fell over. I thought she had just stumbled, so I picked her back up. Then I noticed her eyes rolling back in her head and felt her little body jerking. A few months previous she had been hospitalized for a fever induced seizure, and it appeared that it was happening again. Kyle ran to get Rachel and Brandon while I held her still.

I have to give acknowledgment to the people at the market, after I had handed off Ellie to Rachel and went to be with Corbin, we had the owner of the booth trying to cheer him up by giving him his choice of nativity figure. There were also people at the market who held their umbrellas over Rachel and Ellie to keep the rain from dripping on them. We also had another member in the crowd call the emergency response people to help. Within 10 minutes there was an ambulance ready to take her to the hospital.

Rachel and Brandon needed to go to the hospital with Ellie, leaving us with their stroller, stuff, and Corbin. At that point we knew our plans had changed but decided to make the most of it. With Corbin staying with us, we knew we needed to be his supporters, as he was worried about his little sister. We tried to cheer him up by getting lunch and gelato. I think it worked because that little boy was ecstatic to eat his pistacio gelato. We would have liked to stay in Barcelona, but we received a text from Rachel asking for us to get back to their apartment to send her Ellie’s insurance and identification information.

Once arriving at the apartment and sending the necessary information, we kept Corbin occupied playing knight, dragon, and princess, as well as sardines. Later that evening, Brandon and Rachel returned with Ellie and instructions to watch for fever. Worry had made for an exhausting day, all around, leaving us with just enough energy to order pizza and watch Modern Family as we sunk into the couch.

IMG_2793The next morning we rose early to head to the airport. We didn’t anticipate ending our European vacation like we did, but honestly, I’m grateful that we were able to. Because we were in town when Ellie had another seizure, we were able to help out our dear friends. Though they are fully capable of taking care of her on their own, life is unexpected, and I was grateful that we could help Rachel and Brandon. Even if it just meant being their moral support and there for a hug.

And with a long flight back to the States, our adventure was at a close. Though, I think that this trip only fueled the desire to travel again. With a baby on the way, the time in the next year was limited, but plans were already being made for our next trip abroad. Until next time, Europe!



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