Christmas with the Todd Family

I’m a year behind on this blog, but I am determined to catch up as soon as possible. Christmas 2014 was spent with the Todd side of the family. Upon arrival in Kaysville, we had an important announcement to make. As part of our greeting and catching up with the family, I pulled out a print of a tree, our “family tree” with names of members and birthdays written on it’s branches and a stamp pad. I asked my siblings and parents to place their thumb prints on the tree to create leaves. Upon closer examination, and with some prompting, they looked on the branches underneath our name and read “Baby Frederiksen due July 2015”. All of a sudden, there was exclamations of excitement, a few tears shed from my parents, and a flurry of hugs. It was the perfect way to start out the visit.

In usual Todd style, we jumped right into celebrating with A Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater and walking through Temple Square. We also spent some time in Bluebell visiting my Grandpa and Grandma Todd. While there, I showed my grandparents my ultrasound picture, to which my Grandma responded with teary eyes, “I’ve been praying for you!”

On Christmas Day, after opening gifts and playing games with my family, Kyle and I talked with his brother, Tanner, who was on his mission in Florida. Since we had all of the Frederiksen’s included on the same video chat, we also let them in on our exciting secret. Their reaction to our announcement was just as excited, but also included, “It’s about time!”

After Christmas, our family headed up to the Island Park cabin. When we were about half way to our destination, the suburban slowed to a crawl. We ended up having to stop in Pocatello and hang out at my sister’s apartment while my parents tried to solve the car situation. After a few hours of trying to find a suitable repair shop, and a replacement vehicle, it was time to drive the rest of the way to the cabin. Unfortunately, the only vehicle we could rent was a truck that could only seat 5. Thankfully, Kyle and I also have friends in Pocatello that we were able to spend the night with, until my dad could come back to pick us up the next day.

The frenzied start to our trip didn’t stop us from having fun once we finally got to the cabin. Nor could the subzero temperatures and snow storms. As a result, there was plenty of fresh powder, we spent a good amount of time outside with our snowshoes or skis on, wandering the paths around Island Park. Kyle and I also showed off our boiling water trick that we have picked up from our long, cold winters in Minnesota.

While there, we got to celebrate Andrew’s birthday! It was an ugly sweater wearing, Super Smash Bros playing, cake eating kind of birthday. And we thoroughly enjoyed it!


When the snow stopped falling, and the temperatures rose, we attempted to take a family picture. We aren’t all together that often, so we needed to take advantage of that opportunity. Mom and I set up the camera, and then self timer-ed it so that we could all be in the shot. We did get a couple great shots, but I honestly love the silly ones more. They show off what a fun loving, happy, and exciting people that I have the blessing of being related to. What the photo doesn’t show, is how much I loved being able to be able to spend Christmas time with them.




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