Boy or Girl?

Gender Announcement OpenerGender Announcement 1Gender Announcement 2Gender Announcement 3

The day we found out what we were having, I was a ball of nerves. I knew that I would love the baby no matter the gender, but I couldn’t help but be anxious to find out. I will never forget laying in the doctors office, looking at the screen showing our little one. After checking the heartbeat and measurements, the ultrasound tech gave us one last guess. I thought that we were going to be having a boy. Kyle was certain we were having a girl. He was right.

Ultrasound #2

As soon as I heard I had a little girl coming to our family, I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t help but start thinking about all the experiences that I was going to be able to have with her. I would be able to introduce her to dance, sewing, doing hair, jewelry and clothes. I would get the chance to teach her how to be brave, strong, kind, and faithful. Kyle would be her first love, cuddle buddy, and guardian against monsters, of both the imaginary and metaphorical kind. It seemed so perfect for our growing family!


Now, before anyone starts to panic that I’m pregnant again, I’m not. I’m just slowly catching up with my blogging, which happens to be a year behind.

The pictures above came from a series of pictures that I shot then put together into a video. There were actually 20 more pictures in between these, but you get the idea. To add a funny anecdote, I had actually made two different videos, one for a boy and another for a girl, to send to family members as an announcement. In my haste and excitement to send the video out, I accidentally sent that we were having a boy… oops!






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