Day 1: Let the 2015 Frederiksen Reunion Begin!

Since I married Kyle, there has never been a time when the Frederiksen clan have all been together. Even after four years of marriage, I hadn’t met one brother-in-law. That needed to change. Then someone threw out the idea of finding a place big enough for all of us in Southern Utah. My brother-in-law, Tanner, would just be getting back from his LDS mission, and most of the grand kids were still young enough to not be worried about missing school. And so, the planning began.

Months later, in mid-March, Kyle and I found ourselves leaving cold Minnesota on an early morning flight to Las Vegas. Once there we caught a shuttle that would take us to St. George, Utah to meet up with the rest of the Frederiksen group who were setting up at a classic desert home in a secluded area. Since we had all been traveling from our various states to get there, this day was filled with relaxing, and my poor baby growing body was happy for a change of pace.

The weather was beautiful and gloriously warm compared to the frigid Minnesota temperatures we were used to. Taking full advantage of that, we picnic-ed at a park, swam in the community pool, and sunbathed the day away. Of course, we spent lots of time catching up, laughing, and eating. After all, what is a family get together without those things?




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