Day 2: Zion National Park

It was overcast, as we drove towards Zion National Park. Perfect hiking weather. Especially for the 10 nieces and nephews in tow. Our first destination was to hike the trail to the start of the Narrows, a deep slot canyon with the Virgin River flowing through it. Everyone was excited and energized at this point, and ready for some excitement.


Upon return, we caught the shuttle bus back down the canyon to our next hike. We had tried to get a picture of the group, but the person we asked to take the picture really didn’t know how to work a DSLR, and so our picture didn’t turn out so great. Not to mention, in each photo there was bound to be someone not looking, or making a funny face. So, we tried a different method to embrace that silliness. Make a face! So much awesome happening here…


Our next stop was a hike to the Emerald Pools. Along the way we saw cascading falls, lots of exciting rock formations, and, of course, some stunning vistas! I will never cease to be  amazed at the beauty of Zion’s. I suppose that is the reason I go back as frequently as possible.


Though the adults could have hiked more, the youngins were ready to be done and make their way back to the house. Hopefully the next time we come, we will be able to bring our little girl, and explore some more!



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