Day 5: Goodbye and Hello

Family-PicWhen our last morning rolled around,  we had to make one last effort to get a family photo to work. We were blessed with beautiful weather, and stunning sunshine that finally allowed us to get the shot we needed. After that, it was time to pack up and say goodbye. The trip had flown by, and it was a sad drive north. It’s always hard to leave family, but at least we weren’t headed home to Minnesota. Yet…

Months before, when my family had heard that we were going to be in Utah, they insisted on throwing a baby shower for me during the short time from when the Frederiksen reunion ended, and when we needed to catch our flight. We arrived in Kaysville mid-afternoon, just a half hour before guests started showing up for the party. I didn’t get any pictures the shower, except for the one below, because my focus was on making the most of the few hours I would have with my family and friends. I feel spoiled rotten with all the sweet gifts and words of wisdom from the strong and wonderful women that were there.

IMG_4643That evening, it was warm enough to pull out the dutch ovens and roasting sticks. The whole Todd family, and some other lucky family members got to laugh as we sat around the fire pit in my parents back yard. It was a short and sweet visit, but each moment was savored because change was coming quickly. Not only would we be leaving soon, but the next time we would all be together, would be after our family would have a new member. Grandchild/niece #1… Lucky girl.




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