Breaking in the Subaru



Two big changes came to our family mid-Spring. Kyle changed jobs from Target to General Mills to pursue a more marketing based position. Around the same time, after a long search, we found the ideal replacement for my college car that couldn’t seem to go longer than a month without needing a major repair. Because of the break inbetween jobs we took some time to go camping, which also allowed us to break in our new Subaru. 

Exploring along the eastern side of Minnesota, we camped at William O’Brein State Park. It was still transitioning back into life, so it its wasn’t a scenic visit, but so nice to be outdoors nonetheless. Upon arrival, we went on a hike around the park, then spent the rest of the evening hanging around the fire. 

The next morning we woke up freezing! The temperature had dipped substantially during the night. We jumped into the car to warm up. I’ve never been more excited for seat warmers. Once we warmed up, we were able to go about our morning as planned; breakfast, another walk, and packing up. 

Short and sweet, but so fun to be out in nature. We take every chance we can get. 



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