Celebrating 4 Years in St. Paul

As usual, Kyle and I celebrated our anniversary by going to a bed and breakfast. This year’s location was in St. Paul, MN at The New Victorian (top left in collage). As you could probably guess from the name, it was a beautiful Victorian mansion, styled in a similar manner, but with some luxurious updates.

As far as we had heard, you can’t visit St. Paul without walking along Summit Avenue, a street lined with mansions in a similar style to the one we were staying in. Ours was just a couple blocks away, making for a quick and lovely stroll. The weather was ideal for walking so we took our time, taking in the beautiful homes, and speculating what it would be like to live in one. We also discovered the town house where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived at one point. I wouldn’t mind living there either.

A mile or so down the road we stopped for dinner at Brasa (try the black bean fritter burger), and then dessert at Grand Ole Creamery. If I wasn’t waddling enough already with my 7 month pregnant belly, I definitely did now. The walk home wasn’t nearly as fast.

The next morning, after being spoiled with an amazing breakfast, we left to check out more of the city. Our first stop was going to be the Cathedral of Saint Paul (just down the hill from The New Victorian), but a service was going on, so we couldn’t see more than the front entry way. Instead we headed to the Minnesota State Capitol building. We took a tour around to the main halls, and locations, then walked the grounds. It was partially under construction while we were there, but it was a beautiful building to your, nonetheless.

When we knew the service was over, we stopped into the Cathedral of Saint Paul again. Yet another beautiful building. I loved seeing a replica of the Pieta, and the classic stained glass windows. The craftsmanship that goes into those houses of worship are incredible.

One last stop before heading out was to get some Red’s Savoy Pizza! It the kind of joint that you would see on Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives, but definitely served us a pizza we won’t soon forget. Think lots of cheese, extra toppings, and sliced in small pieces so you forget how much you are eating because you keep thinking, just one more bite. Yum…

Cheers to 4 years, love!




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