Baby Showers

I was blessed to have an amazing community of women who helped me prepare for having baby girl. As soon as I had mentioned I was pregnant, I had several of my close friends asking to throw baby showers in order to help us get ready. Not to mention the countless families of my students who brought me gifts and baby gear through the school year. I don’t know what I did to deserve such love and help.

The first baby shower was through my amazing co-workers at CREO Arts & Dance Conservatory. Another of my co-workers was also pregnant, due a month before me, so we got to share in the excitement together. We opened gifts, but we also played the baby in the ice cube game, guess the poop (with melted candy bars in diapers), and pop the baby with balloons under shirts (I didn’t participate in that last one, but laughed till I cried while watching everyone else try).

A week later, I had another baby shower thrown by the women from my church, and they had gone all out. Everything had a dancer theme, with pink and sparkles everywhere. We played a game similar to Scategories but naming anything related to a baby. I failed miserably, but laughed at the things others came up with. So many showed up for the event, spoiling my little one even more.




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