Last Month Fun

The beautiful thing about a scheduled c-section, is that you  know exactly when you are going to deliver. Meaning, you can check off all of those things that you need to do, before delivery. The top things on our list:

  • Finish our child birth class – the last class happened to be about c-sections. Well timed, indeed.
  • Enjoy watching Kyle play softball with his team without the distraction of a baby.
  • Get done with teaching for the summer – though main classes ended the first week in June, I actually still taught up to the day before my c-section. Though, that was easier said than done, as my feet and ankles were so swollen by that point that I couldn’t get my demi-pointe more than an inch off the ground without my feet feeling like they were going to split open. My students and I got a good laugh at that one.
  • Visit the Como Zoo – This happened to be when we were watching the Lee kids, while their parents were out of town. I think that made it even more fun, and the baby monkeys were adorable!
  • Go on several dates with Hubby – out to get treats, on long walks, to the movies, etc.
  • Help to throw a baby shower for my dear friend Hayley – Ahoy! It’s a boy! The men went to the lake while we munched and bestowed gifts.
  • Go to the Guthrie Theater in downtown Minneapolis to see The Music Man. It was us, the Jensens, and the retirement home.
  • Make final preparations for baby girl – finish decorating her room, wash and pack her clothes for the hospital, make freezer meals, and clean!

Ready or not, here she comes!



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