40 Weeks

40 Weeks - 1

Kyle and I tried to take a picture each week after my baby bump started showing. The last picture of the bump was taken when I was 39 weeks pregnant, and the next day I had my c-section. This meant that when I hit 40 weeks, Rosalie had joined our family already.

I have to laugh at these pictures, now. Not only is my bump growing, but so are my ankles and my face. Especially during the last month, I retained so much water that I was seriously uncomfortable. It’s a wonder that I could even put on shoes… oh wait, I didn’t the last few weeks. I guess that’s pregnancy! An uncomfortable experience, but completely worth it!


6 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. It’s pretty impressive how many Sunday outfits you have! And they’re all absolutely adorable!!!

  2. I know we haven’t chatted in like, forever, but I couldn’t resist commenting! Will you please come shop for my wardrobe?? All your clothes are darling! Where do you get your stuff from? Love reading about what’s new with you! 💕💕

    1. Remember we are FCF? Time doesn’t change a bond like that. 😘 Thanks, hon! Most of my clothes are from Gap, Banana Republic, Marshall’s, CABi, and Target. I’m a bargain hunter so I usually only get things when they are 50% (or more) off.


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