New Grandparents

I was lucky enough to have my mom come into town the day we got home from the hospital. During the few hours between getting home, and when she arrived I started to feel completely unqualified and overwhelmed at the idea of being a parent. Her arrival was ideal. She was able to help with meals, taking Rosalie when I needed a break, and helping me heal from my c-section. She also pushed me to stay active and get outside as often as possible. We went on many walks, with Rosalie bundled up in the Ergo Baby.

A little less than a week later, my dad also flew in. He doubled the amount of support that I was getting, making my first two weeks of parenthood a more simplified transition. Though my siblings weren’t pleased about being left home to tend to the garden instead of seeing their new niece. We did send them lots of pictures, in payment for their patience.

Other than our daily walks, we didn’t get out much. However, my dad babysat Rosalie so that my mom and I could go shopping for my birthday, we hit up one of Kyle’s softball games, and also went out to eat for my birthday. Though only a few, those three outings felt like a success to me. My mom and I also got the crazy idea to start reupholstering a hand me down chair that I had received from my grandparents. In hindsight, not the best project to start with a newborn.

I think the most exciting thing for me to see, was my parents becoming grandparents with ease. They showed me, through their example, the patience, love, and tricks that are important in parenting. In return, I could see Rosalie studying their faces, nuzzling in, and finding comfort in their presence. It makes my heart so full! They are going to make amazing grandparents!



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