Well Established Grandparents


Before we knew it, a month had passed! Rosalie was starting to become aware of the people around her, and interacting with little coos and gurgles. It was the perfect time Rosalie to meet her Grandma and Grandpa Frederiksen. Kyle’s parent’s trip had been timed so that after all the initial help from my parents and our church had slowed, we would have another set of hands. It was most welcome and excellent timing.

At this point, I had started adjusting to life with a baby. I had made a couple excursions out in public with Rosalie, which were successful, for the most part (there was one doctors visit where she screamed through the entire checkup and our wonderful doctor was sure to tell me that it was time to give her a pacifier). To test that good fortune further, we spent one afternoon visiting Minnehaha Falls and the surrounding park. Rosalie slept through most of the visit, and we enjoyed the gardens and being outside on such a lovely day. We did get lots of ooos and ahhs as we toted our little miss around.

A few days later we ventured into downtown to visit the Minneapolis Farmers Market, at the Lyndale location. As this was our first time visiting that farmers market, we were surprised to see how large it was. It was a produce lover’s heaven; and being one of those, we left with a good supply of delicious looking food. Ah… heaven.

To finish off the Frederiksen’s week with us, we also made a stop at the first sky scraper in Minnesota, the Foshay Tower. Though it is currently dwarfed by the skyline of Minneapolis, the Foshay was towered over the city for over 40 years before it was passed up in height. Though it has gone through many revisions, it is currently a hotel with restaurants, and a museum and observing deck. It is definitely worth a stop in, to at least get a different view of the city.


Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to Dellas and Nancy. Though this post has only written about our explorations, I should take a moment for what else happened while they were here. They each took turn watching Rosalie while Kyle and I got some well needed rest. They read her stories, cuddled her when she needed it, and showered her with love. They helped to cook our meals, and Nancy even cleaned our shower (awesome mom prize presented here). I can tell that they have had 10 grandchildren before Rosalie. They are well established grandparents, and know what new parents need, and for that I am extremely grateful.



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