First Flight to the Family

Kyle and I fly to visit family at least two times a year, but doing that same trip with a 1 1/2 month baby was going to be an entirely new adventure. After reading up on all the tips and tricks of flying with a baby, we walked into the airport determined to make it a good experience. As we walked through check-in, security, and then boarded our plane, we couldn’t help but notice all of the looks. There was either admiration of such a sweet baby, or anticipation of crying during the flight. We chose to ignore the latter, and kept our resolve.

Apparently, Rosalie was in that same mind set, because she was amazing. We fed her a bottle during takeoff, and she slept till after we had arrived in Boise. A born traveler. She was meant to be in our family!


One of our first stops during the trip was to Nyssa, Oregon so that Rosalie could meet her Great Grandpa Frederiksen. It was touching to see her looking up at him, studying his face with eyes she inherited from him. Rosalie also got to meet and be held by her grandaunt Dana. Only weeks after the photo below was taken, she had a debilitating stroke leaving her unable to move half of her body and communicate. We will forever cherish the time we got to spend with her. DSC_0878

The Boise State Fair was going on while we were in town, so a stop was a must. We were joined by Kyle’s siblings and their kids, which made for an even more exciting experience. We loved being able to see the fair through their eyes. Of course, we enjoyed some of the typical fair food, people watching, and a few rides.

The convenient thing about visiting family is being able to introduce Rosalie to many of her relatives, including her Great Grandpa and Grandma Nelson.She especially loved cuddling up with her Great Grandma Nelson. And then there are her cousins; they loved loving on her. I loved seeing her with her two cousins, Henry and Mae, who are almost a year older than her. I have a feeling they are going to be a gang of trouble makers someday.



Among other fun Boise things, Kyle had his 10 year high school reunion. We both went in there expecting a little awkwardness, but were pleasantly surprised by having a very enjoyable evening. It didn’t hurt that we got to hang out with Mike and Tess Ames all night, baby free. We also took some time out for a doughnut run, and lots of time to show off our little beauty. It was a successful trip to Boise. On to Utah!



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