Frederiksen Men Backpack

Due to the birth of our daughter, Kyle and I weren’t able to go on our yearly summer backpack. As the summer drew near it’s close, we started to feel that itch to get in the great outdoors. But, for me that wasn’t going to be a possibility. Having just had a c-section, I couldn’t lift anything heavier than my little Rosalie (let alone leave her as I was still exclusively breastfeeding). There’s no way I could tote a 20 lb pack without causing some damage. But, it was a different situation for Kyle.

Since we were going to be in Idaho and Utah anyway, Kyle suggested a back country trip to the men in his family. His brother, Nate, and dad quickly jumped on board with that idea, and the planning began. The original destination was to Soldier Lakes in Idaho, but when forest fires and the consequential smoke consumed that area, they had to think of a new destination. Having gone to this location with my family previously, Kyle suggested Lake Ibantik in the Utah Uinta Mountains. They all agreed, and the next day, they were on their way to the trailhead.

After a 6.5 mile hike in, the men settled in for a couple days of fishing, day hikes, and fresh mountain air. Of course there were biggest fish competitions, but most of the time was spent peacefully enjoying the scenery.

A few days later, they emerged; with tired bodies, a little sunburn, and really smelly. But, all that aside, that time in the mountain was a bonding experience for those Frederiksen men. You can’t ask for much more.



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