Next Stop, Utah!

Kyle stayed a few more days in Idaho, so he could go backpacking with the Frederiksen men (post to follow). Meanwhile, I headed down to Utah to see my family. Along the way, I was able to stop in Pocatello, Idaho to let Rosalie meet her Aunt Marissa. Marissa, like all of my siblings, doted on her. There was never a moment when she wasn’t being cuddled, admired, or debated over who would get to hold her next. That is the beauty of being the first grandchild/niece in the family. I enjoyed having free arms.

As usual, a visit with my family included watching my siblings doing what they do best. Marissa had a volleyball tournament at the University of Utah, and Camren had a cross country race at a nearby school. Kenzli was the master babysitter, and was able to get Rosalie to smile over and over again. Rosalie did really well through most events, except for the one time she had a massive blowout up her front. Don’t ask me how that happened. I’m still in shock that it didn’t get on anything but her.

Rosalie got to experience several firsts, too! We took her swimming one night, and were surprised how much she enjoyed it. She kicked her legs, and splashed water with her arms, while cooing and giggling. We like to joke that it was because of  womb withdrawls. A trip down to BYU introduced Rosalie to our favorite university and its beautiful campus, which also allowed us to spend some time with Tanner. I also spent many hours walking with my mom, introducing Rosalie to my hometown, Kaysville.





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