Rosalie’s Blessing Day


In the LDS Church, the blessing day for an infant is a very special occasion. On that day, the infant is presented to the elders of the church, given their name, and blessed through the priesthood power. Because we wanted to have our families present at the time of Rosalie’s blessing, we decided to bless her in my hometown church. Having to travel four hours or less, rather than 22 to get to Minnesota seemed a much better option.

Dressed in my blessing dress, on August 30th, 2015, in the South Bench Ward, our baby was officially given the name Rosalie Sue Frederiksen and an accompanying blessing. The blessing was given by Kyle, with both of her Grandpas, Andrew, Nate, and Tanner in the circle. Though I won’t go into great depth about what was said, she was blessed with strength in body, mind, and faith.

After the blessing, those who had been invited came to my parent’s house for brunch and celebrating. We were blessed to have so many of our close family and friends there with us. People in attendance (according to Rosalie):

  • From the Todd side: Great Grandpa and Grandma Barfuss, Grandpa and Grandma Todd, Andrew and Jemimah, Marissa, Camren, Kenzli. Also, Janice Barfuss, Amanda Chambers and her sons Emmett and Graham.
  • From the Frederiksen side: Grandpa and Grandma Frederiksen, Andi, Nate, and Tanner.
  • Friends: Rachel Wright and daughter Ellie, Garrett and Kaitlin Jestice and son Luke, and Eryn Williams.

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