Detroit in a Weekend

If you know my husband, you know that if he has the opportunity to go to sporting event, he will take it. When he realized that BYU would be playing against the University of Michigan, he immediately started making plans to attend the game. Since we had some vacation days, we decided to make it a long weekend getaway.

We flew into Detroit Friday afternoon, and after going through the usual post flight routine of getting our rental car and dropping off our bags at the hotel, we headed to Comerica Park for a Tigers baseball game (has my previous point been made yet?). They happened to be playing our home team, the Minnesota Twins, which added a fun twist on the game. Once again, Rosalie surprised us with her ability to observe the game with us, as a perfectly contented baby. We escaped a little early to avoid exposing Rosalie to the sound of fireworks, but still enjoyed them from the parking lot.

On Saturday, we drove to Ann Arbor for the real reason we were there, the Michigan vs. BYU football game. We enjoyed walking through their hall of fame, and around campus before watching the game. About half time, we knew that our team was in trouble. They had yet to put any points on the board, and Michigan had done the opposite. Also at that point, Rosalie fell asleep (I think the BYU team might have, too). The lucky girl had on her noise cancelling headphones, which made it possible for her to block out the game. I wish I could have blocked out what was going on, because it was embarrassing. Sorry, BYU, we took off early. We didn’t want to deal with the taunting afterwards. End tally: Michigan – 31, BYU – 0. Yikes. On the positive side, it was a beautiful day!

Still recovering from the unfortunate loss, we spent an afternoon in downtown Detroit. Since it was the weekend, it was pretty empty, which made it rather nice traveling with a stroller. It also allowed us to sample the classic Coney Island Hot Dog at American Coney Island. I’m not a fan of hot dogs, but this one, I actually enjoyed. It also helped that we had a plate of cheese fries to go with it. If we ever make it back to Detroit, we will have to try the coney dog from Lafayette Coney Island and see which one we like more. The two shops have been next to each other for years, and there is a grand debate about which is the original, and which is best. But, that will have to wait for another time, as good as it was, I couldn’t handle eating a second coney dog that day.

When Monday rolled around, we celebrated because we weren’t going to work, and then headed to the Henry Ford Museum. The expanse and variety in the museum is pretty incredible. Unlike most museums that are solely housed in a building, this museum covers 250 acres, and has pieces that are buildings. It was exciting to be able to walk through the workshop of Thomas Edison or read Robert Frost in his home. We spent all day at the museum and still missed half of what it contained. The highlights were: the chair Lincoln sat in when he was shot, the bus on which Rosa Parks held her protest, and lots of old fashioned cars. If this is on your travel agenda, definitely get tickets for both the museum and Greenwich Village. It is well worth it.


Tuesday morning, we were on a plane heading back to Minnesota, and by that afternoon, we were back at work. We couldn’t really complain, though. It had been a weekend well spent.





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