Rosalie Update: Months 0-3

It’s amazing how quickly a newborn changes from a completely reliant being, still trying to make sense of their surroundings, to a wiggly infant who recognizes faces and coos and giggles in response to them. It is truly incredible to see that development. Through each month I tried to take note of what Rosalie had accomplished, and now looking back a year later, I can’t believe how much has changed. Please excuse me while I have a proud momma moment as I reminisce on the good, the bad, and the wonderful.

In Rosalie’s First Month of Life:

  • Kyle and I discovered that she loves the sound of music accompanied by movement. We spent many an hour listening to The Piano Guys, and Narnia and Lord of the Rings soundtracks as we bounced her around the apartment.
  • Got to meet her Grandpa and Grandma Todd. She was well looked after and loved on when they were in Minnesota to visit.
  • After having a difficult time nursing, mostly due to a tight lingual frenulum, we decided to have that membrane surgically cut to allow for better latching. It was also suggested by our doctor to take care of it because Kyle had a speech impediment as a child, from the same problem. She cried a bit during the actual surgery, but was a trooper after it was over.
  • Because she was a breech baby, she also had to have a couple different ultrasounds on her hips, to make sure that there wasn’t any laxity. The first visit there was a little, but a few weeks later, at the second visit, her body had corrected it.
  • Visited her new best friend, Nolan Jensen, at the hospital, on his birthday.
  • Spent lots of time going on walks around our neighborhood, as it was a great way to settle her down.
  • Experienced her first tornado warnings, as a tornado touched down several miles north from us. We spent a few hours of that night in the bathtub. She slept through the entire thing.
  • Loved her tummy time, and her neck became stronger each day. By the end of the month, she was able to lift her head up quite well.

In Rosalie’s Second Month of Life:

  • Began to give us little smiles. Especially her daddy when he would get home from a long day of work.
  • Her Grandma and Grandpa Frederiksen came to visit. We were more able to move around at that point, so we were able to get out and explore a bit more.
  • Went on her first plane ride, as we flew to Boise, Idaho. She barely made a peep; sleeping through most of the flight. While there, she got to meet her Frederiksen cousins, aunts, and uncles, and Great Grandpa Frederiksen, Great Grandpa Nelson, and Great Grandma Nelson
  • Continued to be great at tummy time, and always impressed us with her neck and back strength.
  • Liked to lay next to me, wiggling with excitement, as I read books to her. She loved a books with bold illustrations.
  • Had transitioned to become a calm and easygoing baby, just content to be held and cuddled.
  • Took her first trip to CREO Arts & Dance to meet my students and get her first glimpse at a dance studio and my first time back teaching. She watched the dancers curiously as they moved. Started to coo and gurgle in a way that stole our heart. It was almost like it was a response to what we would say to her.

In Rosalie’s Third Month of Life:

  • Visited her Todd aunts and uncles in Kaysville. She got lots of attention from them, and always seemed to have a buddy trying to make her smile.
  • Enjoyed a first visit to BYU, meeting some of my dance professors.
  • Experienced her first swim in a pool. Once she got over she shock of being in water, she couldn’t stop kicking her legs.
  • Had her baby blessing, wearing my blessing dress. It was there she met her Great Grandma and Grandpa Barfuss.
  • Was the youngest member present at girls weekend in Island Park, Idaho. Also hiked through Yellowstone National Park, including outrunning a thunderstorm.
  • Started sleeping in her own room, which allowed us to get a little more sleep when we were woken up by every little noise. About the same time, she started sleeping through the night (6+ hours). The first night she did that, she nearly gave me a heart attack when I woke up and realized I had slept 6 hours straight.
  • Became really good at supporting head. She was the kind of baby that liked to always be in a position where she could see around you.
  • Liked to “sing” along with music in church or at home. There was one night when I was singing her goodnight songs, and she started to vocalize with me.
  • Smiled easily, with little prompting, and with good eye contact. That gummy smile was the best reward to those hard days.
  • Flew to Detroit for the BYU vs. Michigan game, which she slept through (we wish we could have too… it was horrible). We also went to a Twins vs. Tigers game and the Henry Ford Museum.


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