Falling for Fall

It doesn’t take much to fall in love with Fall in Minnesota. The weather is crisp and cool, and the leaves are a stunning display of yellows, oranges, and reds. It is my ideal for spending time outdoors, which we tend to do as often as possible. Most of the time that was for walks around lakes or our neighborhood, but we spent some time pumpkin and apple picking with friends, too. When the weather didn’t work for us, we would go visit Kyle at work for lunch or play board games with friends, among other things. It was a pretty magical time of year.

For the two Fall holidays, we kept things simple and easy. It was Rosalie’s first Halloween, so we couldn’t miss dressing up, but when our original plan didn’t work out, we quickly put together our costumes (we are going to make that costume work this year, and it is going to be great!). We stuck with a surgeon, nurse, and their patient. Comfiest Halloween costumes ever.

A few weeks later, for our pre-Thanksgiving Pie Day, friends came over to socialize over a variety of pies. Pie Day is a Todd family tradition because we always seem to be too full on Thanksgiving to savor our pie, so we have always eaten it the Sunday before. Later that week, when Thanksgiving came around, we celebrated with our good friends, the Christensen and Jensen families. Between all who came, in our divide and conquer fashion, the feast was among one of the best I have had.

And, just like that, Fall had passed and it was on to Winter…



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