Rosalie Update: Months 4-6


In Rosalie’s Fourth Month of Life:

  • Became a slobber queen. The entire front of every outfit would be soaked within the hour I put it on her.
  • Found hands and loves to suck on them. Also found thumb and will occasionally suck on it.
  • Starting to giggle, smiles easily, and had learned how to blow raspberries from Kyle. He took that duty very seriously.
  • Visits the studio frequently with meand loves to listed to the music and watch the dancers.
  • Very observant of the world around her. She is content to sit and watch what is going on, especially if being held facing out.
  • Hair is coming in thick and very blonde. She still looks like her daddy.
  • Starting to reach out and working on grabbing. She will also interact with others by cooing.
  • Likes to sit up or stand with support rather than lay on back or tummy time.
  • Getting very close to rolling over. It’s only a matter of time.

In Rosalie’s Fifth Month of Life:

  • Rolled from back to tummy in early November. She loved it so much she did it over and over again.
  • Rolled from tummy to back once a week later and scared herself. It took her a while to roll that way again.
  • Fascinated with people eating and now being efficient at reaching and grabbing, which led us to letting her start trying food. In that month, she tasted apple, avocado, sweet potato, strawberry, and an accidental handful of pumpkin cookie
  • Loves to touch Kyle’s beard and other textural things.
  • Laughs and squeals with delight, which is probably the cutest thing a parent can hear.
  • Learning to self soothe. Under the direction of our doctor, we started to simply lay her in her crib to fall asleep instead of rocking her. She has no problem getting herself to sleep. That makes for very happy parents.
  • Grabs our face to give us “kisses”. They were open mouthed, slobbery, and precious!
  • Try’s to sit up from the laying down position, but doesn’t actually succeed in getting there.

In Rosalie’s Sixth Month of Life:

  • Starting to go onto knees when on her tummy. Sometimes she even pushes up to a plank.
  • Freely rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy. No more getting scared during those rolls.
  • Can scoot across a whole room by pushing and sliding backwards. She spent lots of time working her way over to our Christmas tree, and then would lay underneath looking at the lights and ornaments.
  • Loves to smile and observe people around her. She giggles often, especially when playing peek-a-boo.
  • Loves to eat at the same time as mom and dad. Baby Lead Weaning worked brilliantly for this. This month she tried: banana, beans, tortilla, and bread.
  • Will imitate us chewing or talking (but no sound comes out).
  • Falls asleep on own and sleeps 9+ hours at night. The best Christmas present she could have given her parents.
  • Visited Boise again to spend Christmas with the Frederiksen’s.
  • First Christmas!!! Enjoyed the wrapping paper more than the presents
  • Caught stomach flu from Frederiksen cousins while in Boise. I spent the night catching throw up, nursing, and soothing her poor sick body. It took a week for her to get back to normal.


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