For the Love of Fishing

If you know my father-in-law, you know that he is an avid fisherman. He passed that love onto Kyle, who since we moved to Minnesota, was determined to go ice fishing.

Rewind for a minute. The first Winter we had in Minnesota, I was slightly perplexed at the scattered tents on the frozen lakes during times in the year when it was too cold for any normal human being to be outside for too long. When I realized that those were ice fishing huts, and many of them are heated, it made much more sense. It’s a Minnesota Winter favorite. Since then, Kyle has been wanting to go each winter.

Back to what I was writing about. Kyle mentioned to his dad that he was wanting to go ice fishing and invited him to come. It didn’t take much convincing. A couple months later, he and Kyle were driving out on Lake Minnetonka to their rented fishing hut. They had both been prepared for cold, but the hut was toasty. It was also loaded with a couple beds, chairs, a kitchen area, and several portholes through which you could fish.

I can’t remember how long they were out there, or how many fish they caught, but I can remember that they came home proudly with their big bucket of fish. We thoroughly enjoyed eating their catch-of-the-day. Fish tacos and fried fish all the way!




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