Day 4: What Goes Down Must Go Up


It seems like every family has some travel tradition that would make their vacation seem incomplete if they weren’t to do it. Well, for us, that’s bocce rocks. As seen in previous backpacking posts (here and here), we take it very seriously. And, now that we have even teams for guys vs. girls, the competition was on. Sadly, girls lost this round. Next time, girls…


And then it was time to hit the road. With one last stop at Havasu Falls, and a swim for some of us, we were off on the long hike back out. After all, what goes down must go up! It was warmer that it had been on the hike down, but that didn’t stop us from having just as much fun going the other direction. 10+ miles going in a gradual incline? Bring it on!


The gradual uphill proved to be not as noticeable as anticipated. And then came the climb. The steep decent of 2000 feet from two days before loomed before us as a daunting series of switchbacks. Putting one foot in front of the other, we steadily hiked on. My body wanted me to keep my head looking at my feet, reminding them to keep moving, and avoid seeing the distant finish line. However, the higher we climbed, the better the view, encouraging us to keep going.

At that point, we also knew that our dinner, cold drinks, and our ride to showers and a comfortable bed was just up the cliff. So, we climbed on. Some of us were faster than others. And one person, my cross country running brother, had way too much energy so he ran back down after he had dropped off his own bag, and helped the slower members in our group by hauling one of their bags.


Hours after our departure, we had reached our destination, sticky, smelly, and smiling. Through the trek, we had hiked around 30 miles; with blisters and sore muscles to prove it. That aside, within minutes of getting to the top, we had all started to talk about “next time”. We either had really bad memories to have forgotten how exhausting that hike was, or it really was that amazing. I prefer to think it was the latter.

After the trip was over, and we were home, we compiled our photos and videos (16 GB worth). Wanting to have a fun way to remember the trip, I compiled the videos into a trip video journal, as well as some other clips of my family saying their favorite parts of the trip. This was my first experience editing video and using the editing program, but I had such a great time doing it, I’ve already started on some other projects that may appear here in the future…

If you want to view the vlog version of our trip, click here.



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