Baby Animal Days


Because our trip to Havasu Falls connected with my Spring break, I was able to stick around for a while with my family, while Kyle went back to Minneapolis to work. Sorry, Kyle! As you can expect, Rosalie was the center of attention in anything we did. And she didn’t mind at all. One excursion was suggested by my brother, Andrew, and his wife, Jem, to go to Baby Animal Days in Logan, Utah. We were joined by my aunt Tina, cousin Amanda, and her sons Emmett, and Graham.


To say that Rosalie had a good time is an understatement. She LOVES animals! And being able to pet, hold, and cuddle up with some furry and feathered friends was thrilling! Strangely enough, she fell in love with cows. It may have been that she saw a calf getting a drink from a bottle, or she is embracing her family heritage as cow farmers… Either way, she refused to leave the cows. It got to the point where each time we would start to walk away, she would wail and reach toward her new four-legged friend until she was returned to be by its side. I will check off this outing as a success.





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