Rosalie Update: Months 7 – 9

In Rosalie’s 7th Month of Life:

  • Says “Dada” (first word), and what sounds like “mom”, “hi”, and “grandpa”. But most of the time, “babababa”. 
  • Visited Kaysville, Utah after Christmas in Boise, Idaho. She got lots of attention from her Todd family. She was so bored with just us when we got home.
  • Met her Great Grandma and Grandpa Todd, for the first and possibly last time. Grandpa was staying at a care center, as his health was failing. Rosalie sat by him, smiled, and jabbered for a good half hour. That was one of the only times he perked up during the visit. We were so lucky to be able to spend that time with him because he passed away peacefully the next month.
  • Two bottom front teeth appear at the same time, making for some grumpy days, sleepless nights, and two very tired parents.
  • Found a high pitched but happy screech that happens over and over again.  
  • Began army crawling and pushing herself backwards which most of the time ended with her under furniture. Then it developed to a one arm crawl and face plants as she tried to propel herself forward.
  • Real crawling starts just shy of her 7 month mark. It was slow and calculated but still on hands and knees crawling forward! Let the trouble begin!

In Rosalie’s 8th Month of Life:

  • Quickly became an efficient and fast crawler. She loves to move! Because of this, she has yet to master sitting up. She doesn’t want to sit still long enough to figure it out.
  • Pulls herself up on everything possible. Will stand next to window to watch birds for a long time. 
  • Loves to unload toys and books. Especially if mom has just cleaned them up.
  • Eats three meals a day with mom and dad all on her own. No spoons, just a mastered pincer grasp.
  • Always has a couple bruises on her face because she falls down after pulling herself up or speed crawing into something. 
  • Gives “noses” and big open mouth kisses. We love the new found way of showing affection.
  • Steals our phones when we aren’t looking and then cries when they get taken back. 

In Rosalie’s 9th Month of Life:

  • Went to her first dance performance and wiggled and sang through the whole thing. Then fell asleep.
  • Learned how to wave and will greet anyone who waves at her with a big smile.
  • Top two teeth make an appearance after weeks of rough nights. Is getting mischievous. She will do things, like throwing toys on the ground, and will wait for a reaction from her “audience”.
  • Went to the park for the first time. She loved the swings and crawling around in the dirt with her buddies.
  • Stayed with Aunt Netty while mom and dad went backpacking to Havasu Falls. She fit in more with Netty’s family of blondies than she did with us. She didn’t want to come back to us when we got back.
  • Started to cruise along furniture but will fall occasionally because she is so fast.
  • Learned how to go upstairs but struggles with going downstairs.
  • Loves all animals, especially dogs and cows.
  • Can clap and point.


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