An Exciting Announcement

If you’ve been following along here for a while, you have probably noticed that we love to explore. Whether it be our own neighborhood or another country, we are excited to experience new things. You’ve also probably noticed that I have not been posting on this blog for a few months. Both of these observations tie back to a new venture for our family.

TD Logo (teal)

I am thrilled to introduce The Drive to Explore, a blog dedicated to not only sharing our adventures, but in helping all people to get out and explore! Among many other things, we’ll write about traveling with a toddler, the best times to book flights, and how to be a tourist in your own city. There will be videos, itineraries, tips, and tricks. Of course you will get your fill of Rosalie being adorable. And, to top it all off,  we have exciting opportunities coming up during the next year that you won’t want to miss!

Do you have The Drive to Explore? If so, join us there! Click here to go to our new blog. 



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