The Frederiksen’s

Kyle and Jeneca were set up on a blind date early in the year 2010. One thing lead to another and soon they found themselves falling in love. But that road to love was a rocky one.  After he left her to go to Africa, and a couple of break-ups and make-ups later, it all proved to be worthwhile. What would have killed many relationships just made theirs stronger and soon they both came to the conclusion that they should get married. After a romantic proposal, and four months of anxious waiting, planning, and prepping, the couple was sealed in the Bountiful Temple on April 29th, 2011.

LDS Temple - Bountiful, Utah

Kyle and Jeneca both graduated from Brigham Young University in August of 2012 after returning from a three week tour in India with Contemporary Dance Theater. Kyle in Business Marketing, and Jeneca in Dance Education. From there they packed up their belongings and traveled out East to live in Minnesota, the state of many new adventures.

A few years down the road, Rosalie joined the family. She is a petite thing that never stops moving. She strong-willed and observant like Jeneca, social and adventurous like Kyle, and a blue-eyed, blond haired beauty! Rosalie is the perfect addition to the family!DSC_0557

Now, the three Frederiksen’s have moved from Minnesota to Bloomington, Indiana so that Kyle can attend Indiana University, to get an MBA. But, their story doesn’t end there. It is merely the beginning; an impetus for a lifetime of adventures. And so this blog came to be. Our Adventure Book, if you will. This blog is meant to be a place to type up and document their adventures together;  the good, the bad, and everything that comes in-between.


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